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Melanie K // Langley, BC

"I'm absolutely obsessed with these products they make meal time so easy with my baby. Can't wait for my next order!

Highly Recommend

Jessica // Vancouver, bc

"I would highly recommend your baby food to other moms just getting started on solids, it was easy to heat, yummy flavours and the perfect amount"

Things are going very well

Virginia // New Westminster

It has been a lifesaver for daycare food prep....and the daycare teachers told me he's eating everything!

beets baby food


These vibrant beets help play a role in the healthy development of your baby, rich in antioxidants, iron, fibre, potassium and Vitamin C

Sweet potato and turmeric baby food

Sweet Potato & Turmeric

This smooth blend of Highly nutritious Sweet Potato and anti-inflammatory turmeric is a rich source or fibre and Vitamins A & C

Pear and spinach baby food

Pear & Spinach

A favorite amongst our Pure Babies, this beautiful blend of sweet Pear & leafy green spinach is full of Vitamin A,C and K, magnesium, iron and folate

Carrot and ginger baby food

Carrot & Ginger

Bright beta carotene rich carrots & gastro supportive ginger root are highly nutritious and will awaken your babies taste buds

Apple and cinnamon baby food

Apple & Cinnamon

A classic blend of apples & cinnamon that will delight your babies flavour palette while filling their bodies with vitamins and minerals 

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