WE will miss you but thank you for all the support over the years

As we say goodbye......

Four years ago next month on a drive to whistler we decided to take a chance and start a small local food company.

It has been one of the greatest journeys and one we are truly grateful for. It taught us so many things about starting, running and developing a business.  Gave us a bond and friendship that will be lifelong and runs deeply in its roots amongst our four children as well.  

The greatest compliments, signs of success and the impact our product had came from hearing incredible stories about babies and families in our community. How our product helped, make their day to day lives just a little easier.  Those words made this whole process worth everything !

We have made the difficult decision to close our business which is not something we have taken lightly.

From the bottom of our hearts we leave with a feeling of gratitude for what we have learned and the beautiful journey we experienced along the way.   

Thank you ❤️
Lindsey & Arli

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